Friday, July 18, 2008

GRE - How It Works??

-> The test is adaptive in nature. The first question the computer throws at you in a section will be of average difficulty. Half the people taking the GRE get it right, which generally means it is fairly simple.

If you click on the correct option, the next question on your screen will be slightly more difficult. If you get the first question wrong, the next will be easier. This adaptive nature of the questions continues throughout the test. Thus question's toughness increases as you get the answers correctly every single time. This way, ETS makes sure you can't get lucky all the time, throughout the exam. It is your job to get to these hard questions as quickly as possible. Because, getting a hard question right will help you score a lot, but if you get it wrong, it will not affect your score drastically.

-> The questions in the test have a Descending Marking Scheme. After around seven to 10 questions, the computer fixes a difficulty level depending on your answers in the previous questions. The higher the difficulty level, the stronger your chances of achieving a high score.

-> The first question carries maximum marks, followed closely by the second, then the third, and so on. In short, the final couple of questions are of little or no significance to your final score in the section. The first seven to 10 questions are absolutely vital. Your section score range will be decided by your performance in these questions. So do take some time and make sure to answer them right.

For example, if the first eight questions I attempt are correct, my score will oscillate between, say, 700 to 800. If I get a couple of questions incorrect in the first eight, my score may range from 550 to 750, though I will need a super performance in the remaining questions to get a score of 750 or above.

The questions after the first 10 are basically to decide where your exact score lies in the score range decided by your previous 10 attempts.

-> So take ample time cracking the first 7-10 questions, even if you miss out on five questions at the end.

GRE does not have negative scoring, so remember to click away the last few questions, when you run out of time.


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