Monday, June 30, 2008

7th Semester

This post is for many of 'em who are not aware or confused with what books to use for the 7th semester subjects, ECE. At this point most of you should be placed & others seriously trying but ultimately study leave is the only time you would want to touch the books again!.. Most colleges start bugging you people with final year projects in 7th sem itself. So., I have given a more detailed version, for each of the subjects which will also let you know where to start and similar things. Here it goes then...

For Optical Communication..., The only book available is Gerd Keiser. This subject may seem too easy to start with, in the study holidays. The theory content in it., is understandable and its quite like any other easy subjects that you would have come across. Before you get too happy.., there is a surprise… This subject has a lot of equations. The much worse thing is.. all of them are final conclusive equations based on some scientist’s story. It’ll be something like – In 1914 this person and his team were able to conclude this topic from nowhere and the equations based on their theory are as follows.. And the equations that follow will be ‘Greeks and Latin’. Sigh!!

-> If you are looking for a local author – there’s Anuradha publications. The author name is Arumugam(Not sure). Which will be of NO use at all, for sure. All answers are cut short from Keiser and are too short to elicit in exams.

So in total.., the examiners will expect you to write the equations, diagrams and some theory scribbled in between. In terms of the chapters., Chap 1 is too easy guys. It only consist all the stuff we already know. Topics as simple as single index fiber, graded index etc. Next, Chap 4., everybody would like this chapter for sure. More theory, few equations, interesting stuff too. Chap 5 is also a good and easy-one comparatively. You’ll have problems with Chap 2 and 3. Chap 2 – too many equations and few Imp topics I remember are material and waveguide dispersion. Pulse broadening topic(a one which everybody tends to avoid) has been asked in the previous years. So., the choice is yours. First half of Chap 3 is easy constituting LEDs., and the second part is a bit vague and lengthy one containing the LASER’s.. though few topics will be easy.

-> Bottom line – We guys thought this to be a easy subject but it ended up to be a nightmare before the day of exam due to lot of equations to mug up. To sum it up… Can be cleared easily.. No doubts!!! It’ll just give you a head-ache.

For Microwave Engineering…, For the first four units you got to refer Samuel Liao and for the fifth unit, its Annapurna Das. There’s no good Local Author. For us, our Mam notes was too good… Actually, it was fully copied from Liao, but the positive thing is, it contained only what was necessary. Fifth unit is kind of easy.. as in., the answers will be repetitive for consecutive topics with only few changes in between.

Guys., don’t get afraid with the big syllabus. Its actually like, they have given the sub headings as well.. So it is just like any other subject. Unit 3 will be repeated twice in some of the copies(syllabus). The interpretation is just this – the second unit topics as in the syllabus copy is elaborated with their subtopics in the first Unit 3 section. And the actual Unit 3 is given in the Second unit 3 section. Unit 3 starts from Klystron topic and the rest all belongs to unit 2.

-> Bottom line – Few juicy topics will keep you alive through out. Don’t conclude the subject to be lengthy from seeing the syllabus. In all… a easy subject.

For TQM…, buy anything guys... its jus stories... We referred Vijayakumar(Not sure of the name). All you need to know is diagrams and the Sub-headings in each topic. Inside story, script, direction everything is yours!!

For VLSI…, The only subject for which I never knew which book I studied, in my whole of engineering. The point is there is no specific book at all for this subject. The ref books given in syllabus also doesn’t contain all that you want. Nothing in no text book will be continuous. All we had was lot of Xerox copies, unknown from which text book it was.

-> You should buy the local author book Rekha., which will be of use to you for studying the topics that isn’t covered or not clear in all of your Xerox copies. Imp point is don’t study everything from this just because it covers most part of the syllabus. All of them are too small answers compared to what is required.

We people had Xerox copies from the start., but no one clear of what to study.., so all of us happened to study in the last few ending days of study leave. And also, fortunately, it was the second exam for us next to TQM. So we were able to allot last four or five days for this alone.

-> Bottom Line – Easiest subject of the lot(very few hard topics & most units are very small)… if you succeed in getting the right Xerox material.

*Where to get the Xerox?? You can get all the text books & references given in your syllabus(there are three to four) from your professors and compare them with the syllabus, get them Xeroxed to what u want. Buying books for your own is a bad idea coz each book will have only twenty to twenty-five pages covering our syllabus.

7th Sem electives to follow in the following post!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

5th Semester

This post is for many of 'em who are not aware or confused with what books to use for the 5th semester subjects. I'm really glad to be a part of -helping you all ppl- with the guidance that I can offer here through this blog... This semester is the most interesting one out of all the eight semesters duly because of the ‘Micro-processor’ factor. All the subjects are our core ones(post education pt. of view, unlike prev sems.). Here it goes then...

For Microprocessors..., buy Manohar... it is one of the most awesome book I’ve ever read. You can also buy Goankar(For 8085). If you are finding other books difficult to understand, first read from Manohar..., then see these books.. It’ll be more easier for you to understand then. 8085 should be known every nooks and corner, as it forms the basics for all the other topics(86 & 51).

-> If you are looking for local author buy Manohar & keep bakshi as reference. Though you'll always have to go through other books Goankar(8085) and Masdi(8051 - Ctrlr), Just to make sure you are good with the topics or say you know it wholesome.

I used Manohar and I also had Bakshi(use it very less-preferable) for reference along with Goankar. I personally didn't use Masdi coz I came to know of the book very lately. Goankar and Masdi will have contents too vast compared to what you require as per syllabus. So use them carefully.

For DSP..., there's only one book..., Ramesh Babu... You gotta buy it., but you can also try and get good hand written notes(optional though). The notes can be really very useful... even if u don't get the notes..., Ramesh Babu will be sufficient. Btw., for the fifth unit which contains DSP processors, you'll have to get it from another book(Venkataramani). Most staffs will tell this subject is very tough and all, as in ‘degree stopping paper’ – Bull shit!, it isn’t that tough TRUST ME!!!.

For Ctrl Sys..., You have only one book Nagoorkani... DON’T BUY ANY OTHER BOOK. This one book alone is damn sufficient. Very very easy subject in terms of preparing the day before exam, as far as you know to draw all the graphs... quite easy they are...

For Ethics…, buy anything guys... its jus stories...

For Communication Theory..., buy a book called Jabeena(Charulatha Publications)... actually prescribed book is Simon Haykins... this book is one of the foreign author books that I liked a lot. There is one drawback in Simon Haykins, that is.. its difficult to find the prescribed syllabus in Simon Haykins. This Jabeena book is jus the exact photocopy of Simon Haykins(with no letters even changed) and only our exact syllabus will be given. Better buy both. Study from Jabeena and keep Simon as jus reference. DONT BUY BAKSHI. All answers are given so short in Bakshi. So if u read from it completely, you may end-up flunking in the subject. Simon Haykin alias Jabeena is very easy and you'll understand everything clearly.

-> If you are looking for local author…, Jabeena is definitely the best book.

For Transmission Lines..., buy 2 books... one is Bakshi..., and the other one is Dananjayan of Charulatha Publications... You'll have to use ‘both the books very equivalently’. Don't stick to one book. Thers Smith chart(graph based question) – sure question, learn it well and you can score easily on this one.

Guys we found Communication Theory to be the difficult subject, but thats only coz, we didn't find the proper book at all(almost till the end)... So don't give a heck to anyone..., jus buy the book I had mentioned above and start reading.. esp. JABEENA +vely. Don't worry at any point... see, for example you'll have the 3rd (or 4 th- I don’t remember) unit to be only 21 pages in Jabeena. Actually our syllabus is also that only. So don't think something is missing in the book. JUS READ WAT IS GIVEN IN JABEENA FULLY.

Regarding any feedback you need on a book before buying/ using it…, u can always ask over here(in the comments section). will give you ppl the best guidance possible from me. All the subjects are easy in 5th sem provided you start with the rite book. So go on… All the best!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

First Things First!!!

Guys and Gals..., I have come across various blogs and all I can depict from my quick glance at em, is that most of the blogs are created to outpour frustrations, anxiety and other negative traits. Well, they can't be blamed because writing.. soothes and at least if you can't punch your boss in his face, you can write shit about him in your blog and expect others to read.
No… I am not here to cripple words for my boss, I don't even want to tell you how psycho is my ex-girl friend, I don’t want to curse the state for not doing well, I don't want to tell you about my first crush...... But if I do anything out of these...please bear with me ...after all I am also one of those species..
I assure you ppl that all of my posts will be not more than 10-15 lines, coz I don’t read article/ views that last more than 10-15 lines and secondly my brain doesn’t work that longer continuously… But really, I just want to write about simple and interesting things... hope you all will like it!!!

My First Post...

Its jus been a month and few days since the final xams got over, but it all seems like its been ages and I already feel so bored, with nothing really to do, but I don't want complain.....Its ok to do nothing....Its fine, completely fine.......

Hopefully my life takes a complete 360 degree turn, with my professional career ahead... Am suddenly feelin all grown up now & to add to it., I'll be interning into god-knows-some IT days of my life.. I just don't want him to make my life hell, maybe I'll make his one!!!!!

Am not really sure wat kinda posts i wanna make in this blog..., but am sure you all ppl will like it. Posts will partly target the techi stuff ie Electronics.. that i like the most and others as well.. Do check regularly and post your valuable comments.

Best regards.