Sunday, July 6, 2008

32 Bit Thinking... # 2

Why the top most pin, biggest in a plug point??

Guys from my point of view, there are two major reasons that accounts for the answer....

-> When we turn on the switch., a large amount of current starts to flow.. So it becomes highly necessary for us to ground it immediately. The top most pin(also called earth hole) serves this purpose.

-> The reason why it is big - The property of the current is that it takes low resistance path. As the resistance is inversely proportional to the area of cross section(from the formula: R = P*l/A), the earth hole's bigger size serves as the low resistance path for the large initial current flow.

More relevant answers to the question are welcome in the comments section.
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gangadharan said...

Assuming that bigger pin = longest pin, the answer is a bit different:

We don't want anyone to be able to plug the appliance in without earthing it. So at anytime the + and - are in, the earth defenitely has to be in.

balaji said...

It is big/long because, when we take out the plug from socket the phase & neutral terminals of socket comes first, then the earth contact. This is primarily for the safety purpose. Earth contact disconnects at the last to support abnormal conditions.