Tuesday, July 1, 2008

7th Sem - Electives

Guys we had Television engineering and High speed networks as our electives. No doubts!! Television engineering is the worst elective to prefer. If you have the choice, avoid it. HSN is vast but manageable and quite easy too.

For Television Engineering…, you have to buy two books of Gulati. Monochrome and modern television. These two books will cover whole of the syllabus. The VAST ever syllabus in electronics and comm. Engineering…, you’ll find in this subject. 1st and 3rd unit(first half’s in both) will be very interesting as they cover the basics of TV working. Rest chapters will give you worst nightmares. (If this review was full negative, let me also let u know., I second topped TV in my batch(in boys ofcrz, gals are jobless!!))

For High Speed Networks…, There’s only one book – William Stallings. This book is sufficient. The only point is every single topic in your syllabus will be given for 8 - 10 pages in the text book. But the no. of topics is less. Jus learn to fill four to five pages in your answer sheet for each of the topics in the syllabus. That will do.

Other electives – Some of my friends in other colleges had Digital image processing(DIP). I personally don’t have much knowledge about the subject but one thing I can assure you is, you’ll get a minimum of 5 to one week period of time before the exam day. So this should give you the picture. You’ll have all the time to prepare your other subjects in study holidays and finally u can sit for DIP. The other elective that I have some knowledge about is Internet and Java. For this subject you don’t have proper textbooks same as VLSI. All reference books are only available. This subject is divided into two parts – Internet which is similar to our comp networks(one of the easiest subject we’ve come across) and Java part is tough generally and also with no proper material.

Guys we found TV to be the toughest subject out of all.. The rest all should work wonders for you people. Regarding any feedback you need on a book before buying/ using it…, u can always ask over here(in the comments section). Will give you people the best guidance possible from me. All the best!!!


Murali said...

hi..it's very useful to me...we are selected TV as elective give us some tips to prepare..

vas said...

hey..just keep reading TV from the beginning of the sem. dont postpone it.Bcoz only if u know the key concepts of it,u can build the blocks.

vikram said...

thank u so much for ur patient work...giv some preparation tips for GRE and abt final year projects,

Mischief managed!!! said...

@ Murali.., tips to prepare is i hardly remember.. but then i can suggest one thing., in my batch we guys chkd out all the prev years ques papers. It helped us a lot esp wen we were freaked out with the huge syllabus. all the previous yr papers were too repetitive. For us fortunately it worked out a bit. But definitely this choice isn't reliable.. and you know it..

One thing u can do is u can cover all the ques that came repetitive. this can boost ur confidence before xam.

Mischief managed!!! said...

In TV everythin is block diagrams. make sure u try and learn all the block diagrams thoroughly.. So even if u skip a ques and u know its diagram, that can yield a lot marks. Anna univ corrections go by the diagrams and conclusive stmts. So they wont worry abt your story inside if u had put the blocks at the rite place.

janna said...

Hey, I have to choose between DIP and TV - Which do you think is better and why?? I'm completely at a loss!